Cultural creative spaces & cities (CCSC)

2019 - 2020
En marxa
3 minuts

Testing new ways of promoting citizen participation in creative spheres.

Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCrSC) is a policy project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project is managed by a consortium of ten non-profit and public organisations led by Trans Europe Halles, the European network of non-governmental cultural centres.

At the core of this project, there are 7 Urban Labs based in seven European cities. Each one of them groups together non-governmental cultural organisations and local/regional authorities, as well as other relevant stakeholders. Their goal is to address local challenges together and find participatory and commoning solutions to them.

The objective that Coboi lab has as part of the CCSC project is to experiment with citizen integration in the lab’s co-creation processes and to evaluate what strategies work best to assure engagement, and sustainability of the participation in the mid/long term.

The questions Coboi lab wants to answer with the CCSC project process are:  How might we create a network of engaged and empowered citizens to integrate them as co-developers and co-creators in our strategic public innovation projects?

“We believe in a more sustainable future for cities. A future in which the cultural and creative sectors address urban challenges in cooperation with public authorities. Together, we co-design new public policies for the benefit of citizens.”

Handshake Partners:

The influencers: Festival where artists, hacktivists, and researchers share their experience with rebellious projects, inventions and adventures in the unstable realm where everyday technology and collective imagination collide.

Dimmons: research group, at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, it focuses on fostering socioeconomic innovation through research, methodological experimentation and action for a commons-oriented society.

Sant Feliu Innova: Urban lab, a space to create innovation with social impact through the use of technologies and collaborative methodologies.


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