[Coboi lab]

Coboi lab is a relational, knowledge and experimentation space with the objective of tackling social challenges in a collaborative way.

Relational space

A collaborative environment for sharing challenges and generating synergies between socio-economic stakeholders of the territory.


Knowledge space

Identification, adaptation and development of methodologies, tools and narratives that support co-creation processes. 


Experimentation space

Prototyping and testing of initiatives that aim for social impact and transformation.

Our past

In November 2012, the City Council of Sant Boi de Llobregat promoted an intra-entrepreneurial and participatory process to co-create an instrument that promotes innovation in local socio-economic development. Coboi was born as an Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Lab and, over the years, it established itself as a reference space focused on programs for social entrepreneurship, self-employment, and social and labor integration, among others.

As a result of new socio-economic contexts, Coboi reconceptualized its role in order to adapt, as a public lab, to the new social challenges of the city. In 2018, thanks to a strong political will, the first floor of the Service Center (an underused municipal equipment, initially designed for companies) is converted into an innovative space that aims to act as a meeting point for the main socio-economic players of the territory to identify shared challenges and opportunities. In January 2019, the new Coboi lab opened.

Who are we, now?


Coboi lab is based on a multi-actor innovation model. The aim of the lab is working as a platform that facilitates the joint work between the main stakeholders in the territory (business, academic centres, public administration and citizenship) in order to co-create solutions for shared city challenges. Thus, the main activities of the lab revolve around the facilitation of collaborative processes to design, prototype and test innovative solutions.

Coboi lab seeks to create opportunities for building a healthier and more sustainable city, going farther than what each socio-economic actor could do individually.

Looking forward…

Sant Boi aspires to be a city capable of learning and adapting to a constantly changing world. For this reason, it is necessary to function as a ‘laboratory city’ where the different socio-economic players of the territory can work together from an open conception of innovation.

Coboi lab aims to be a public instrument that inspires, motivates and facilitates new collaborative ways of designing public policy that create positive impact on the development of the territory.