[Coboi lab]

Coboi lab is a relational, knowledge and experimentation space with the objective of tackling social challenges in a collaborative way.

Relational space

We provide a collaborative environment in which to deal with urban challenges with different actors in the territory.


Knowledge space

We promote research, knowledge management and methodologies to improve governance in the territory.


Experimentation space

We experiment with public innovation processes and initiatives.

Our past

Coboi was born in 2012 to support entrepreneurship and the social economy. As a result of the changing contexts, Coboi -as a public laboratory- rethought its role for adapting to the new challenges and needs of our territory.

In 2018, it became a public innovation laboratory: Coboi lab, and moved to an under-used municipal facility that was initially designed for companies. A year later, the lab opens its doors as a meeting point for the main socio-economic actors in the territory.

The main aim was to promote a new way of tackling contemporary urban challenges in a collaborative way. Coboi lab sought to identify those common opportunities and visions that would help design effective solutions.

Who are we, now?

Societies are becoming more and more complex. What yesterday was a priority, today it is not. And vice-versa. That is the reason why, at Coboi lab, we believe that the way of facing the challenges of our territory also involves adapting to the newer times.

How? Working together with the main actors in out territory (citizenship, businesses, knowledge centers and public administration) and developing new methodologies that facilitate the co-creation and experimentation of innovative solutions.

In this way, we seek to generate opportunities that contribute to the vision of making Sant Boi a healthier and more sustainable city.

Looking forward…

We imagine, design and project the future. We aspire to be able to learn and adapt to uncertain contexts. We use knowledge to make our city more resilient to change.

We want to be a public instrument that inspires, motivates, and facilitates alternative ways of doing public policy, harnessing the potential of collective intelligence.