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How can we integrate research into the day-to-day life of Coboi lab to delve into topics of interest and extract lessons and reflections that may be useful for the tasks of the laboratory as well as for the public policies promoted by the City Council?


One of the main objectives of Coboi lab is to function as a space of knowledge linked to topics such as public innovation, social innovation, collaborative methodologies, the role of public innovation laboratories, etc. For this reason, Coboi lab intends to incorporate research into its day-to-day in order to delve deeper into these areas and extract new reflections and learnings that can be applied both from the laboratory and from the City Council itself. From Coboi lab we consider that in an interconnected world, where the problems are more and more complex, it is necessary that the research interacts directly with the public policy, since this allows to know new perspectives, to inspire new approaches and to orient new municipal actions. . The actions derived from this project are linked to Action 3 of the PECT Innodelta (research and new forms of knowledge).



Our proposal is the Aigua & Llimona (Water & Lemon) project, a space for reading, analysis and reflection on academic references linked to topics such as innovation, labs, multi-actor projects, among others. This project includes the following phases:

  1. Identification of different topics of interest and search for academic references.
  2. Assignment and reading of bibliography by the laboratory team.
  3. Gather the main ideas of each document read through a template.
  4. Organization of presentation and reflection sessions on each reading.
  5. Generation of different communicative products to spread the main learnings, like the capsulab.
  6. Practical application of learning in the laboratory environment.

The target audience will be staff from Sant Boi City Council, PECT members and other network of labs such as red innpulso, colaboratorio, etc. To communicate, the channels we will use to communicate graphic products are: email, telegram, linkedin, social media and Coboi lab blog.


  • Capsulab 1 – Mark Cabaj gives us 5 ideas on how to evaluate labs
  • Capsulab 2 – How can we increase innovation capacity?
  • Capsulab 3 – How do we move from a socio-technical system to a new one?
  • Capsulab 4 – Innovative strategic planning


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