Method for tackling city challenges

2019 - 2020
5 minuts

A tool to respond to city challenges collaboratively

Coboi lab is a relational, knowledge-based and prototyping space for coping with social challenges in a collaborative manner in the territory.

To fulfill this role, Coboi lab has worked for 2019 and 2020 to conceptualize and design a transverse and transferable method that guides the processes of idea, design, prototype and testify innovative solutions that respond to complex challenges, always from a collaborative and multi-actor approach.

Coboi lab has been supported by the Barcelona Provincial Council to investigate existing methodologies in the field of social innovation (theoretical perspective) while analysing and gathering the entire process that the Sant Boi City Council has conducted to respond to specific city challenges (practice perspective).

In parallel, this entire process has also enabled us to understand more profoundly and validate the role played by new public instruments such as social innovation laboratories in responding to the challenges of the territory from a more systemic perspective.

Let us start with the Observation phase, where we define a city challenge from a problem in the territory, and let us look at the ability to solve it in a collaborative way. This first phase is key to establishing clear bases and increasing the chances of success of the whole process.





During the Exploration phase, we identify and integrate the different perspectives and interests of the actors involved in the city challenge to unify priorities and define a shared vision.




During the Action Plan phase, we began to devise and collaboratively devise actions for each defined axis of action, which will bring us closer to shared vision of the future.


plan de accion_2_cast



During the implementation phase, we designed prototypes for prioritized actions and planned their subsequent implementation. We also collectively decided how to measure the results, monitor and assess the impact of the actions implemented.




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