Facilitation of the Innovation

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The project Faclitiation of the Innovation financed by European Union Funds (European Social Fund) is implemented by the Centrum Inicjatyw Obywatelskich (Słupsk, Poland) together with Ajuntament De Sant Boi De Llobregat, Spain.


The main objective of this international collaboration is to transfer, adapt and implement Coboi lab’s social innovation methodology. 

To address complex social challenges, collaboration between different actors is needed in order to develop ideas that can only arise from the combination of several people thinking and working together with a shared vision. This is the main objective of Coboi lab’s methodology: guiding us in this collaborative effort to generate and implement the best possible solutions.  

This methodology is the result of a research process that explored different methods and tools. It is informed and inspired by Design Thinking, Systems Design, Collective Impact and Transition Arenas. 


In the context of this Eurpean project, this methodology has been transfered to a group of facilitators and adapted to the needs of social enterprises related to the CIO. 

After four training sessions with 10 facilitators, new relevant tools for social enterprises have been included in all the phases of the methodology; while some others have been excluded given its relevance for this kind of initiatives. Morevoer, different feedback has been gathered to further develop the adapted version of Coboi lab’s methodology to the Polish local context. 

In the meanwhile, participants have been organising and facilitating activities in pairs with one social enterprise, using the adapted methodology and its tools. The main objective is that social companies and initiative groups end up implementing innovative solutions with the help of the group of trainned facilitatiors. This is process is being supervised by Coboi lab’s trainers. 


Foto de grupo - dia 4


In summary, the main activities that have been undertaken within the scope of this project are the following:

  • ACTIVITY 1: Education on the new methodology of facilitation innovation
  • ACTIVITY 2: Adaptation of the new methodology of facilitation of the innovation to the local context
  • ACTIVITY 3: Pilot implementation of the new methodology and its supervision


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