Design for City Making

2018 - 2020
En marxa
1 minut

Coboi participation in the international Design for City Making (DxCM) initiative, promoted by the ELISAVA University School.

Professor Ezio Manzini began working with Desire Lab ELISAVA since September 1, 2018 as an active member of this laboratory to direct the worldwide project “Design for City Making”. The objective of the ‘Design for City Making’ project is to investigate how design for the creation of cities can play a key role in the generation or regeneration of the urban fabric, always from the logic of design for social innovation.

This project decided to set foot in Barcelona and invite several case studies of the city and the region that were representative in what corresponds to the role of the citizen as the protagonist of city design. Coboi lab was one of the projects invited to be part of the first core of case studies in Barcelona.

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