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This 2021, from Coboi lab, we have designed a cycle of conversations about the city’s chances of the future.

The pandemic has made us question, among other things, the model of metropolis where we want to live, that is, how should the post-covid city be? In ciutat[s] possible[s], we will talk about new ways of co-designing the city with different actors and about alternatives to dealing with emerging urban issues: housing, ecological transition, and public space.



Session 0

Launching of ciutat[s] possible[s]

[May 14th]

We had the Mayoress Luisa Moret, who told us about the importance of this cycle at the time; the representative of the European Commission, Alessandro Rancati, who contextualized the conversations in the New European Bauhaus; and from Coboi lab we made public the poster of the cycle of conversations.

More information here.



Session 1

Participative Urbanism

[June 11th]

How do we design urban transformation processes in a participatory way?

We talked about participatory urban planning and urban initiatives to co-create the spaces we inhabit collaboratively. Mauro Gil-Fournier and Ramon Marrades talked to us about reference projects where various actors have come together to make a city. Finally, Holon dynamited a space-shop to identify opportunities, concrete challenges, and new ways of tackling them while carrying out a participatory draught project.

More information here.



Session 2

Youngsters designing the city

[September 17th]

Young people will live in the city of the future; what role should they play in designing it in the present?

This is the central question of the second possible city session[s]. Few participatory processes include young people’s opinions, most of them focusing on children or the population in general. With Equal Saree and TIPI Gara we did a participatory process analysis that included the opinion of young people, and we presented the ethnography on young people of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

More information here.


This action is subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and the Fund as part of the Local Development Support Programmes.

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