ciutat[s] possible[s] 1: participatory urbanism

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At Coboi lab we have designed a cycle of conversations about the possibilities of the city of the future: how should post-covid urbanism be? This cycle was presented on May 14 in a conversation with Alessandro Rancati (EU Analyst) and Mayor Lluïsa Moret in which we talked about the New European Bauhaus.

During the month of June, the first part of ciutat[s] possible[s] will take place: two sessions in which we will talk about how to co-design the city with a multi-stakeholder perspective, and new ways of integrating young people into the process.


*Both sessions will be in Spanish with instant translation to English. 


Session # 1 Participatory Urbanism

[Friday 06/11: 9.00 am-11.00 am]


During this session we will talk about new ways to transform the city. How do we design urban transformation processes in a participatory way? We will explore participatory urbanism, urban innovation and how to design initiatives to co-create the spaces we inhabit in a collaborative way.

Mauro Gil-Fournier and Ramon Marrades will present projects in which multi-stakeholder collaboration contributes to making the city. Then we will continue with a practical workshop space, facilitated by Holon, in which we will identify the opportunities and obstacles that may exist to carry out a participatory urban planning project. 



  • Mauro Gil-Fournier: graduated as an architect from ETSAM and received a PhD in architecture.  He is a researcher, professor and the founder of Affective Architectures.  His work is framed in a multiple, interscalar and co-located environment where projects emerge from knowledge that is shared in an open way. Since 2017 he has co-directed the European project Mares in Madrid from the Urban Innovative Actions European Project. He also coproduces the digital platform for citizen innovation awarded by the EULAC foundation as best IberoAmerican citizen initiative (2018). He is Fellow Residence at Art OMI, New York (2019) His projects have been awarded in places such as the Detail Prize, Bauwelt Price, finalist in AR Arwards for emerging architecture, FAD award, Mies Van der Rohe, among others.
  • Ramon Marrades: Urban economist, writer and activist. He is currently director of Placemaking Europe and strategic advisor to the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. He has been Director of Strategy and Finance at La Marina de Valencia, and a member of the board of the International Network of Port Cities (AIVP). His work focuses on creating interfaces between public space and economic development.




Session # 2 Co-design with young people

[Friday 06/18 9.00-11.00]

The second session will focus on how to co-design the city with young people. Ramón Marrades from Placemaking Europe will present projects in which young people have integrated their knowledge and interests in the transformation process of spaces.

In this session we identify how young people experience the city, how they influence it and what are the most important elements in co-creation processes with young people.

We also present a digital ethnography carried out by Coboi and Holon in which opinions, interests, concerns and perspectives of young people from Sant Boi are collected in a digital diary format for several days.


Attention: limited places

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